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Stabican announces significantly increased bio availability andmetabolic profile for its cannabinoid

Bergen op Zoom, The Netherlands - November 11t h, 2022

Stabican b.v., a leading drug delivery technology company, announces its developed

cannabidiol (CBD) drug substance exhibits a 5 – 8 fold increase of bioavailability compared

to that of a pharmaceutical standardized CBD oil. The bioavailability studies are part of

the in-house development of its proprietary drug delivery platform. Additionally, results

indicate that the metabolic profile has more favorable kinetics in terms of active

metabolites and peak plasma concentrations.

Starting in 2019, Stabican has focused on developing fine powders from cannabis extracts

with long shelf life, with dosages up to 80%. In 2021 the company established R&D and GMP

facilities in Bergen op Zoom, the Netherlands. The facilities are equipped with state-of-the-

art analytical equipment alongside pilot-scale production facilities.

The bioavailability data is generated as part of the ongoing development of the technology

and the lead product, a powder formulation of CBD with the high dosage of 70%. Studies

were performed at external labs using standard preclinical PK study protocols. The first

study results presented will be used to design larger preclinical studies, and eventually

clinical studies, with customers to establish the statistics necessary for an Investigation

Medicinal Product (IMP). Also, in vitro studies are ongoing to investigate precise metabolism


The proprietary drug delivery platform with IP covering a wide variety of plant extracts has

been validated for different cannabinoids, terpenes, lipid vitamins, oils, and plant-based

alkaloids. The resulting fine powder is readily incorporated in different dosage forms, e.g.

capsules, tablets, powder inhalers, creams, as well as consumer products like drinks, shakes, yoghurts. The API dossier is available with all data necessary for the Target Product Profile (TPP) and Investigational Medicinal Product Dossier (IMPD), including the proven safety profile of the product. Only GRAS substances are used which provide a fast route to market and clinic.

Recently, Stabican also confirmed superior shelf-life of the formulations from ongoing

stability studies. It is expected that drug substances and products using the technology will

exhibit a shelf-life of 3 years or more. Typical oil-based products, as those that were used as

a reference in the bioavailability studies, are not able to guarantee assay stability for these

time frames and these conditions. CBD in storage degrades oxidatively to D8-THC and CBN,

or even D9-THC which has a psychoactive effect not desirable in most CBD products. The

proprietary Stabican powders completely isolate the molecules from oxygen and moisture,

no related substances like THC have been identified in the samples on long-term storage.

Would you like to see more data, or get a sample? Contact Stabican at,

or visit the website

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